#Lifeway VBS 2018 Game On Bible Study Decoration Ideas

Rebecca Autry

I am a Christian mom that loves to create and save money. Give me cardboard and tape and I will create. Give me coupons and I will show you how to find a great price. I like expressing love to others with cards, decorations and savings. I enjoy having fun and yes I bleed Blue and Orange! Go Broncos!

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3 Responses

  1. Barb R. says:

    Hi Rebecca!
    I used Xtramath last summer for my kids, it isn’t free, your school or PTA is paying for the account that’s why they sent home an enrollment code. It’s acutally quite expensive for your school district to provide as I’ve checked into it for our school. If I can remember correctly it’s $11.99 a month for a student if you do it at home with your on account. If you know something different let me know!
    Thank you for all you do!

    • Rebecca says:

      I looked on their site and they have a donation link and they say FREE account sign up and when I google it I can’t find anyone who posted about pricing atleast not recently. They might charge which I don’t know since my son brought home a enrollment code sheet. If they do charge I will gladly update my post but that would really be awful. Its a pretty good program.

      • Barb R. says:

        Awesome, I will check it out, they were charging over the summer. I stopped paying it when summer was over because I thought it was too much. Will definitely sign us up again if it’s free, it is a great program for some extra work!

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