#Lifeway VBS 2018 Game On Bible Study Lesson Day 1

#Lifeway VBS 2018 Game On Bible Study Lesson Day 1

Bible Story: The Lost Sheep (Luke 15:1-7)

We need to build the foundation of who Jesus is as Teacher but revealing He is so much more. Kids will learn how valuable and important they are to God. According to the Lifeway website emphasis on Salvation starts on Day 1.

Game On Preschool Bible Study

SUPPLIES: “Movement Cards” (pack item 10), whistle, VBS 2018 Jersey Backpack (005797679) or duffel sports bag
• Before the session, cut apart the “Movement Cards” and place them in the sports bag.
• Lead kids to stand in a circle.
• Say: “This week at VBS we will play a lot of games. We will also learn some important things about Jesus.”
• Comment: “But first, before we learn, let’s warm up and get ready for VBS!”
• Invite one child to choose a card from the bag.
• Ask him to lead the group in the movement.
• Guide kids to continue to perform the movement until you blow the whistle.
• Invite a second child to choose another card.
• Continue until all of the cards have been chosen.


SUPPLIES: “Day 1 Plays” (CD), 50 cotton swabs, tape, cotton ball (one per child), large piece of laminated green paper, (Optional: dry erase marker)
• Tape one cotton swab in the middle of the paper. Tape a second cotton swab parallel to the first one approximately 3 inches away.
• Invite kids to continue to place cotton swabs end to end on the paper to make a path or maze.
• Challenge kids to angle the cotton swabs to make turns on the paper.
• Lead kids to work together to cover the paper with the cotton swab maze.
• Distribute one cotton ball to each child.
• Lead kids to place the cotton ball at one end of the maze.
• Encourage each child to push his cotton ball around the maze without touching the cotton swabs.
• Say: “Today in our Bible story, we will learn about one sheep that got lost. Let’s pretend this cotton ball is a sheep as we lead it through the maze.”
• Allow kids to remove all of the cotton swabs (except the two taped ones) and build another maze.


• Welcome kids to Game On!™ VBS. Say: “We’re going to talk this week about Jesus and how important we are to Him. We’ll hear stories from the Bible and learn how we can be more like Jesus.”
• Point out all the sports equipment in the room. Say: “We’re also going to talk about being part of a team. Before we get to our Bible story, let’s talk about some of this sports equipment.”
• Lay the white board on the floor in the middle of the circle.
• Name each piece of sports equipment as you lay it on the board.
• Cover the board with a tablecloth. Ask kids to shut their eyes as you remove one piece of equipment. Place the missing piece in the duffel bag.
• Remove the tablecloth and ask kids to name which item is missing.
• Play until the board is empty.
• Say: “Today’s story is about something that was missing. Let’s hear what happened.”

• Open the Bible to Luke 15.
• Lay down the “Day 1 Sequence Cards” in a row as indicated in italics in the story.

Lost Sheep Game On Bible Lesson

• Invite a child to open the “Locker Front,” retrieve the Bible story picture, and show it to the group.
• Scramble the “Day 1 Sequence Cards” on the white board. Lead kids to put them in the correct order.
• Ask: “What did the man do when he found his sheep? He celebrated!”
• Draw a large speech bubble on the board and write the word “YAY!” in it.
• Lead kids to stand around the white board. Ask them to show how they celebrate at a sports event.
• Encourage kids to clap, cheer, and jump up and down.


• Teach kids how to stand like a shepherd. Guide them to put one hand over their eyes as if they are looking out and pretend to hold a shepherd staff with the other hand.
• Explain that you will ask a question about the story.
• Ask kids to stand and pose like a shepherd if the answer is “Yes” or get on the ground like a sheep and say “baa” if the answer is “No.”
• Ask the Pose and Review Yes/No Questions located in the margin.

• Say: “This week our Bible verse tells us something very important about God.”
• Scatter the “Bible Verse Cards” on the white board and invite kids to match up the flowers to put them in order.
• Ask a child to open the Bible to the craft stick with the cotton ball.
• Comment: “The cotton ball reminds me of the sheep in our Bible story.”
• Read the Bible Verse Craft Stick.
• Invite kids to stand and perform the following motions as you teach the verse.
– God: point up
– us: point to self
– everything: hold arms out
– need: put both hands over heart
• Lead kids to say the verse like a cheer as they perform the motions.

• Show kids the “Day 1 Point” and attach it to the wall.
• Share that God gives us what we need because we are important to Him.
• Point to each child and say “You are important to God!”
• Pass around a megaphone and encourage each child to say his name.
• Lead the group to say “______ is important to God” after each child says his name.

• Sing the song “Everything We Need” (track 1).
• Say: “Let’s pray and thank God for caring about each one of us.”
• Pray and thank God for the story of the lost sheep and for caring about everyone.


SUPPLIES: Bible, “Bible Story Picture 1” (pack item 1), “Day 1 Plays” (CD), paper plates (1 per child), “Bible Verse Craft Stick” with cotton ball (pack item 7), large cotton balls (25 per child), glue, small paintbrushes, plastic bowls, scissors
• Before the session, cut out the center of each paper plate, then cut two tear-drop shaped sheep ears from each center.
• Place the “Bible Verse Craft Stick” in the Bible at 2 Peter 1:3.
• Pour glue into a plastic bowl and add a few drops of water to thin it out.
• Invite kids to paint glue on the plates and stick cotton balls on the glue.
• Guide kids to glue the ears to the back of their paper plates so that they show over the top of the plates.
• Show “Bible Story Picture 1” and emphasize that God cares about people even more than the shepherd cared about his one lost sheep. Say: “You are important to God. He cares about you.”
• Invite kids to hold up the plates and use them as masks. Suggest they say “I am important to God” or “baa” as they play.
• Open the Bible to the stick with the cotton ball. Read the verse to the kids.

• Invite kids to use the cotton balls to make faces on the table. Remind kids that each child is important to God.


God cares about me. I am important to God.


SUPPLIES: Bible, “Day 1 Plays” (CD), 4 wrapping paper tubes, 4 paper plates, masking tape, 100 small various colored pom-pom balls
• Before the session, make four hockey sticks by cutting a large square out of each paper plate and taping one to the end of each wrapping paper tube.
• Make two 12-by-12-inch masking tape goals on the floor approximately 10 feet apart.
• Dump the pom-poms on the floor between the two masking tape goals.
• Pick up one pom-pom and remind kids of the shepherd who left the 99 sheep to find the one lost sheep.
• Say: “The one sheep was important to the shepherd and you are important to God.”
• Invite kids to use the wrapping paper tube hockey sticks to push the pom-poms along the floor into the goals.
• Challenge kids to see how many pom-poms they can move in one minute.
• Guide kids to move only a certain color of pom-pom or race to see which team can get the most pom-poms the fastest.


• Lead kids to gather a handful of pom-poms. Guide them to name one person that is important to God for each pom-pom. Encourage kids to name people in their families, their friends, and other people at church.


God cares about everyone, including me.


SUPPLIES: Bible, “Sort the Sport Book” (pack item 11), hole punch, 3 1-inch metal ring clasps, 5-by-7-inch piece of cardboard
• Before the session, cut apart each card of the flip book. Place one set of a face, uniform, and feet on the cardboard and punch 2 holes in each card where marked. (Punch through the cardboard as well.) Punch remaining cards to match the first set.
• Scatter all of the pieces on the table.
• Instruct kids to sort the cards and make one stack of faces, one of uniforms, and one of feet. Attach the face cards to the top section of the cardboard with a metal ring. (Be sure that the “boy faces” are all facing up.)
• Attach the “boy” uniform cards to the middle section of the cardboard with a metal ring. Attach the “boy” feet cards to the bottom section of the cardboard with a ring. (The hole punches will all be on the left side of the card.)
• Invite kids to play with the book and flip the cards to make different people.
• Say: “No matter what you look like, you are important to God. God cares about everyone.’


• Suggest that kids flip the sections and settle on a person. Ask them to decide which sport that child might play. and find a piece of sports equipment around the room that matches the sport.


No matter what I look like, I am important to God.

SUPPLIES: Bible, “Day 1 Plays” (CD), plastic cups, tape, straws (1 per child), table tennis balls (1 per child), marker
• Before the session, print one word on each cup: story, verse, name, sport, favorite. Tape the plastic cups to the table so that they hang off the edge.
• Give each child a straw and ask all kids to line up on the opposite side of the table from where the cups are taped.
• Explain that they will try to herd the sheep, or balls, into the pens, or cups.
• Place a ball on the table and ask the first child to use a straw to blow the ball across the table and into a cup.
• Ask the child to answer a question according to the cup where the ball landed: name something from the story, say the verse, name someone that is important to God, name a sport, or name your favorite thing to do.
• Play until each child has blown at least one ball into a cup and answered a question.
• Emphasize that no matter what sports kids like or what they like to do, they are important to God.
• Remind kids how God cares about people more than the shepherd cared about the one lost sheep.


• Tape cups all around the table and invite kids to roll the balls from each side at the same time to see where they land.


I know that I am important to God.


SUPPLIES: Bible, “Bible Story Picture 1” (pack item 1), “Movement Cards” (pack item 10), sports equipment (see margin
note), “Locker,” megaphone, “Bible Verse Craft Stick” with cotton ball (pack item 7), VBS 2018 Playbook: 3s–K, CD, and CD player


• Place kids into two groups.
• Distribute one “Movement Card” to each child in the first group.
• Distribute matching sports equipment to each child in the second group.
• Invite kids to find the person whose equipment goes with each card and tell him about their favorite part of VBS.


• Invite kids to stand in a circle and ask one child to open the locker and get the megaphone.
• Say: “The Bible tells us that God gives us everything we need.”
• Ask a child to open the Bible to the craft stick with the cotton ball.
• Read the verse as you speak through the megaphone.
• Pass the megaphone around the circle and invite kids to say one word of the Bible verse into the megaphone.
(Remind kids not to put their mouths on the megaphone.)


• Turn to pages 2–3 in the Playbook and show kids the sports stadium.
• Recall how the shepherd in today’s story looked and looked until he found his lost sheep.
• Name an object on the page and choose a child to find and point to the object.
• Encourage that child to name a different object and choose another child from the group to find it.
• Continue playing the game until all kids have had a turn.
• Remind kids that Jesus loves us even more than the shepherd loved his sheep.


• Invite kids to sing “It’s Game Time” (track 5).
• Allow them to move around the room as they follow the directions in the song.


• Ask kids to stand in a circle and remind kids that each one of them is important to God.
• Set the foam ball on the ground and kick it to a child as you say: “(Child’s name) is important to God.”
• Invite the child to kick the ball to another friend as he says: “(New child’s name) is important to God.”
• Continue until each child has kicked the ball to a friend.
• Randomly place the five cups upside down in the middle of the circle.
• Invite kids to kick the ball to knock over one cup.
• Continue the game until parents arrive.


GAME ON Day 2 Bible Study

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