How to Make a Fake Palm Tree

How to Make a Fake Palm Tree

Great addition to Lifeway VBS 2015 “Journey off the Map”. You can also alter the Palm Tree to make it into a Weeping Willow Tree for Shady Grove for crafts.

Since the class the hubby and I did, crafts came to us, so we plan on making a section of our room designated for the craft area. This so much fun and builds so much excitement for the kids. When you get excited, your children will get excited and makes it so much easier to get into the theme and play the part.

Please remember we decorate our rooms with themes simply to make our time together fun while we share the Love of God.

What You Need:

– Carpet Rolls (without the carpet) or Wrapping Paper rolls for smaller trunks

– Brown Packaging Paper

– Packaging Tape

– Mic stands or Tripods (look at Thrift stores or yard sales)

– Green Paper

– Green Streamer

– Straws or umbrellas without the fabric

How to Make:

1. First take your carpet roll or wrapping paper roll  and cover using packaging paper or other brown paper scrunching it up as you go to make a more realistic trunk shape. Use packaging tape to secure.

2. Once your trunk is done slide it over the mic stand or tripod stand.

3. If you are using an umbrella make sure that the fabric is removed. Tape of green leaves that you cut out or use green streamer strips of varying colors and lengths and tape to the umbrella. If you are using straws make sure to tape the straws together so they will not come apart during your VBS week and adds more security.


That is it! You are done!

Just so you know we plan on giving our decorations to another church doing the same theme as we have in the past. Also my oldest son wanted his Theme birthday as Rio 2 so these Palm Trees were also used then as well.

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