How to Make Optimus Prime Pinata

Optimus Prime Pinata

How to Make Optimus Prime Pinata

One Shall Fall, One Shall Stand – This is a simple and easy Optimus Prime Pinata to make. Most of the items can be purchased at Dollar Tree and made for under $4. The guests of your party will enjoy this pinata. Make sure to fill it with some awesome Transformers goodies.

What you Need:

– Cardboard Box

– Tape

– Scissors

– Red, Blue, Grey or Silver, Black Tissue Paper

– Bungee Cord


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How to Make Optimus Prime Pinata:

Step 1

First take your cardboard box and shape it into the cabin and trailer of Optimus Prime.

Step 2

Cover with Silver or Grey Tissue paper over the trailer.

Step 3

Add tissue paper to the cabin. I cut out most of the piece individually and attached with tape.

Step 4

Make sure you fill pinata with goodies before closing up. My pinata back end stayed open until I was completely ready to close.

Step 5

Attach bungee cord to cardboard and tape down.

Step 6

Create a hole in the middle of the top of the trailer and push thru the bungee cord. Secure with tape.

Step 7

Close up the pinata and cover up any holes.

That’s it! You are Done!

All items were purchased at Dollar Tree with the exception of the cardboard box. I did however asked when I saw them throwing out boxes if I could have them. They said sure and I got a good selection of sturdy boxes.


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