How to Make a Professional Softbox




How to Make a Professional Softbox

The hubby and are exploring ways to increase visibility and quality of our sites and one of the things we wanted to do was get a Chrome Key Green Screen plus lighting kit but we also wanted to get him a riding lawnmower. You see we live on a very large plot of land. We are renting and we are responsible for the maintenance of the property and all our neighbors have a riding lawn mower! Anyway we can’t afford both right now and in fact we are looking to get a used riding lawn mower for a couple hundred rather than 1k that the cheaper ones are priced at. so since we cannot afford both it finally occurred to me that after 2 weeks I could just make my own Green screen kit. Yes it will not be as good as a professional one but we were looking at the cheaper end anyways around $100 a very professional one costs between $500 and up.

So back to making a professional Softbox!

What you Need:

– Cardboard boxes

– Duck Tape

– Pencil

– Ruler

– Aluminum Foil

– Scissors or cutting razor

– Paper Roll or matte plastic table clothe

– Black Spray or black flat sheet or black plastic table clothe

– Light Bulb (Highest Watt you can find) I am using 2600 watts I got 2pk for $10.67 at Lowes

– Lamp kit (these are between $8-$10 at Lowes depending on what you want to use)


How to Make:

1. First you will draw out 4 sides. We are making it 30 inches by 20 inches. with 4 inches for the back.

so your top is 4 inches both triangle sides are 20 in and the bottom is 30 inches.

2. You need the base for the light which is 4×4 all around.

3. Cut out all your pieces.

4. One one side of each cardboard cover with aluminum foil and tape.

5. Attach all 20 in sides to each other make a box like form.

6. Cut center hole on 4×4 backing to fit in the light holder.

7. Attach light holder cardboard that is about 1×1 inch all around. Secure with tape.

8. Attach 4×4 backing to the rest of the box.

9. insert light and light bulb, plug in and make sure it will work.

10. Attach white roll of paper or matte table clothe to front.

11. Use black tape, Marker or spray paint to paint backside of cardboard to make it look more professional.

All done.

I attached mine to a camera tripod I found for $3 at a Yard sale. It works great so I can adjust the height as needed. I also reused an old falling apart canvas bag for my backing. Each Softbox cost me about $15. I had most of the items on hand already.


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