Making Money with Google Adsense

Making Money with Google Adsense


So it took me a forever long time to realize I could make more than just a few cents a month with Google Adsense!

So here is the jist.

1. You really need some traffic to your site. It has to be consistent otherwise you will not see much.

2. Every site is different so placement of your ads will determine how succesful your individual site will be.

Here is what I have learned.

– place the long image banner right under your website menu is great.

– place a 250×300 image banner in your side bar toward the top.

– place a 468 banner in each post toward the top under an image pertaining to that post.

– place a 250×300 image banner at the end of your posts.

Now the rules are only 3 ads per page so on individual posts I do not have the sidebar google adsense I instead have another affiliate ad in that place.

So sidebar ads only appear on my category pages, pages and front page.

3. Make sure you have Ads on your mobile site and in your email newsletter.

Again you will only make $ by how many persons click on your ads and by how much traffic you bring to your site.

Please also note you will not get paid on your clicks or even friends and family who think they are helping you out by excessively clicking on ads. You may also lose your Google adsense if that is going on.


Thanks for reading.

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