Marshmallow Popper How to Make – Great for kids


Marshmallow Popper

My first grader came home with a Marshmallow Popper, so I thought I’d share with you how to make your own.

Great idea for a rainy day for kids. I give tons of Props to my son’s teacher because it was cool!


What you Need:

– Paper Cup(s) (you can get a pack of 8 for $1 at Dollar Tree)

– Balloon(s) (you can also find these at Dollar Tree for a 25pk or Wal-mart has 15ct for $.97)

– Packaging Tape (Dollar Tree has some but I don’t recommend with how rough kids will be this will not hold up as well)

– Scissors

– Marshmallows 1 bag (Its recommended to use the jumbo)


How to Make:

1. Take the paper cup and cut out the bottom.

2. Take the balloon and cut a snip off the bottom opposite side you breathe in.

3. Wrap balloon around the base of the cup and tape with Packaging tape.

You’re Done!


How to Use:

1. Take a Marshmallow and place inside cup.

2. Holding the cup in one hand with cup open facing away from you. Pull the balloon towards you and release.

3. Pop goes the marshmallow out!


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