Marshmallow Pops Recipe

marshmallow pops recipe
Great for Valentine’s Day Treats

So I am writing a few Valentine’s Day Craft posts and decided to work on some treats as well.

After all I have a whole bowl filled of red frosting I don’t want to go to waste! I am a frugal mama who is using everything I have to its fullest!

Marshmallow Pops Recipe

What you need:

First I had a bag of big marshmallows and small ones too. I got these from Kroger when they were on sale and after coupon were $.19

A couple weeks ago I found the Christmas tree pops for $.39 but I think they were missed marked because the previous ones I saw were $3.99. these are the kits so it had the red chocolate chips in it.

Given that it is near Valentine’s Day you should be able to find the red chocolate chips in the baking section.

From previous birthdays or parties I don’t remember which I had red sprinkles and multi-colored sprinkles. I don’t know how much I paid for them but I know you can find the multi-color ones at Dollar Tree.

The Skewers if you remember a couple weeks I picked up the 24 pack for $.10 each. Yay so I think I spent a total of maybe $1.70 on these.

Here are the steps:

1. Place Marshmallows on the skewer sticks.

2. Empty the chocolate chips into a sauce pan and let them melt.

3. Dip the Marshmallow in the chocolateĀ stirringĀ until covered as desired.

4. Dip into desired sprinkles. It helps if the sprinkles are in a bowl.

5. Place the Marshmallow pops on a try or plate. Place place in the refrigerator for a few minutes to let the chocolate settle.

That’s it! Pretty simple. Great treat to do with the kids too! mine loved it!



marshmallow pops multi sprinkle copy
Great for Birthday Party Treats

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