Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Invitation Tutorial

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Invitation Tutorial

Mickey will always be a relatable icon for Disney regardless of age. These Mickey Mouse Invites will add excitement to your Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Ideas

Below you will find what supplies you will need as well as step by step instructions on how to make Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Invitations.

What you Need:

– Black, Red, White Cardstock

– Glue or Double sided tape


How to Make:

1. First cut out your pieces for the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse invitations. You can find the images at the Moms Saving Money Store.

2. Now that your shapes are all cut out. Start with your base and only add glue or double sided tape to the back bottom round area of the red piece.

3. Glue the white buttons on the front.

4. Add your Party information to the white circle.

5. Place your white circle inside the red pocket.

That is it! You are done!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Invitation

Topic: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Invitation Tutorial

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