Minecraft Creeper Cups Tutorial

Minecraft Creeper Cups Tutorial

Below you will find a list of supplies you need plus step by step instructions on how to make minecraft creeper cups.

What you Need:

  • Green cups
  • Black Construction paper or Cardstock
  • Double Sided Tape or glue

How to Make:

Step 1

First you need to get your green cups from Dollar General for 12 ct. for $1 or Walmart 12 ct for $.97.

Step 2

Next you will need to get the black construction paper and cut out your creeper face. I used the same shapes from the Minecraft Creeper Invitations. You can download the Creeper face shapes here. You will get the SVG, PNG, and PDF files as a compressed folder. You will need to unzip the folder in order to use the files.

Step 3

Now either glue or use double sided tape to attach the minecraft creeper face shapes to the cup. I suggest you start with the middle part and work your way outward.

That is all! You are done!

Topic: Minecraft Creeper Cups Tutorial


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