Minecraft Enderman Balloons

Minecraft Enderman Balloons

Minecraft Enderman Balloons

These were so easy to make. We threw them to the kiddos and said “Attack of the Enderman”. Below you will find the supplies you need plus step by step instructions on how to make Minecraft Enderman Balloons.

What you Need:

  • Black Streamers
  • Black Balloons

How to Make:

Step 1

Air up your black balloons and tie them off. You can get a 10 pk of black balloons from Walmart for $.97 or 15 ct for $1 at Dollar Tree if they have them in stock. Sometimes these are only available during Sept./Oct. because of the Halloween decorations and again around May/June for Graduation.

Step 2

Then take the black streamers and measure out 2 lengths of your arms. Repeat this until desired. I used 2 streamers and fold in half.

Step 3

Tie the streamers onto the balloons.

Enderman Balloon tie

That is it! You are done!

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