Minecraft Party Ideas

Minecraft Party Ideas

I am so glad my children’s birthdays are spread apart.

Check out some of the popular Minecraft Party Ideas

Minecraft Party Ideas

Minecraft Creeper Invitations

Creeper Invitations – Make these simple Creeper Invitations by using green cardstock, black cardstock and double sided tape or glue. Take a look at the step by step Creeper Invitation Tutorial.

Minecrft Creeper Invitation

Minecraft Partyware


Minecraft Plates and Napkins

Use green and black paper plates to complete your Minecraft theme.

Minecraft Creeper Cups – Simply get some green cups that you can find 12 ct at Dollar Tree for at Wal-mart for $.97. Use a black sharpie and color in your creeper face. You can also cut the shapes out from black paper and glue onto the cups.

minecraft cups

Minecraft Wall Decorations

You can create a Creeper Wall Mural like the one below.

minecraft creep mural

Minecraft Food Ideas

Minecraft Cupcakes – Get this fun multi-color cake mix from walmart.

Minecraft Grass Cocoa Crispy Treats – Make cocoa crispy treats using melted marshmallows into a square pan. Once cooled cut into squares and add green frosting to the top.

Minecraft Party Favors


Minecraft Creeper Favor Bags – Use green paper favor bags that can be purchased at Dollar Tree for $1 for 10 ct. Cut out the Creeper face or you can purchase the SVG, PDF, PNG file and cut on your Cutting Machine i.e. Cameo Silhouette.

Minecraft Creeper Favor Bags

Minecraft Swords

minecraft swords final

Minecraft Pickaxe

Minecraft Torches

Minecraft Creeper Pinata

Take a perfectly square box and cover with green tissue paper and cut out your black creeper face and glue or tape onto the front of the box. Make sure to leave an opening for the candy or goodies. Click here for step by step Minecraft Creeper Pinata Tutorial.

Minecraft Pinata

Minecraft Thank You Cards


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