Minion Balloons Tutorial

minon balloons tutorial step by step

Minion Balloons Tutorial

Are you one in a minion!!! Build excitement and cheap fun with just a little bit of work will go along way with guests.

These are Great Despicable Me Minion Balloons and be sure to check out other DIY Despicable Me Party Decoration Ideas by clicking on the image below.

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What you Need:

– Yellow Balloons

– Black Ribbon

– White Paper

– Black Sharpie or paper

– Glue

– Silver Glitter or Glitter Glue


How to Make:

1. Air up your yellow Balloon and tie off.

2. Glue Black Ribbon around the largest section of the balloon for the Goggle band.

3. Cut a Circle for the eye out of white paper. In the center draw a black circle with the sharpie or you can cut a black small circle from paper and attach to the center of the eye.

4. Add silver glitter or glitter glue to the edge of the eye making a rim for the goggle effect.

5. Using the Sharpie draw a mouth and hair.

That’s It! You are done!

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