Minion Birthday Banner

Minion Banner

Minion Birthday Banner

This is a Great Despicable Me Minion Birthday Banner and be sure to check out other DIY Despicable Me Party Decoration Ideas.

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What you Need:

– Yellow, Black and Blue Cardstock

– Glue

– Hole Punch

– Silver and Blue curling ribbon

– Yellow Christmas Bulbs

– Googly eyes

– Sharpie Marker


How to Make:

1. First Cut out Flag banners you will need 13 for the Words Happy and Birthday.

2. The Blue will be slightly larger than the yellow. I did 7 inches by 11 inches for blue and 6 inches by 9 inches for yellow.

3. Cut out the letters in black or dark blue. Glue to the yellow and black flags.

4. Punch holes in each corners of the triangle flag.

5. Snake with silver curling ribbon through the holes having the length behind the flag and out and ins on the front.Make sure to leave a yard on each side of the banner for easy hanging.

The Bulb Minions

6. Take the yellow bulb ornament and add glue to add the black ribbon.

7. Glue two googly eyes on the ribbon.

8. Take the sharpie marker and draw the mouth and some hair.

9. Add blue curling ribbon thru the tops. Leave enough ribbon to go through the bottom on the flag banners and tie a knot. Repeat this for each on until each flag has a Minion Bulb.

10. Take three Bulb Minions and with silver curling ribbon make the hanging lengths different sizes and hang between the words Happy and Birthday.

That is it! You are done!


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