Minion Egg Table Decorations

Minion Egg table decoration

Minion Egg Table Decorations

Do you need something quick and easy to make with not much work for the table decorations? These Minion Egg Table Decorations are cute and super easy. Need a quick game? Hunt for Minions!

All these items can be found at Dollar Tree and costs as little as $3 to make depending on how many you want to make. These Minion Eggs are made from the plastic Easter eggs.

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What your Need:

– Yellow Easter Eggs

– Black Ribbon

– Googly eyes

– Glue or double sided tape

– Black Sharpie

– Silver Glitter glue

– Blue Construction paper or cardstock


How to Make:

1. First take the yellow eggs and add glue around and add black ribbon.

2. Glue on googly eye. You can choose to put one eye or two eyes. I personally like the 1 eye Minions.

3. Using the black sharpie draw on the mouth and hair as desired.

4. Take an extra step and add silver glitter glue around the googly eye. You can use black paper instead of ribbon but is much harder to find at Dollar Tree.

5. Take Blue construction paper and cut strips into 1/2 width by 4 inches.

6. Take the double sided tape or glue and make into a circle smaller than the width of the egg. This is to sit the egg in to display on the table so it doesn’t roll!

Varies sizes of Minion eggs are great! Remember you can always make several and do a Minion Hunt! Sounds like a great game, huh! Wish I had thought of it before my Minion Party. For the Minion Egg hunt I would suggest just drawing on the eyes and goggle band with a sharpie instead of using ribbon and a googly eye. They will come off!

You can also change it up and mix the plastic eggs with blue bottoms as the overalls.


That’s it! Your’e Done!


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