Minion Napkin Rings Tutorial

Minion Napkin Rings

Minion Napkin Rings Tutorial

Add to your party with these simple Minion Napkin Rings. It add just enough touch then just the usual in a pile napkins. Be sure to check out other DIY Despicable Me Party Decoration Ideas.

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What you Need:

– Black, White, Blue Cardstock

– Black and Silver Curling ribbon

– Glue or Double Sided Tape

– Yellow Napkins


How to Make:

1. First Cut out your shapes you will want a white circle slightly bigger than a blue circle and then a black G for the Gru’s logo. You can find the SVG Gru logo file Here.

2. Glue the circle and logo to the base white circle.

3. Cut strips of 1 1/2 inches by 4 inches.

4. Take your napkin and roll as desired.

5. Tape or glue ring strip around the napkin until secured.

6. Tie Curling ribbon around napkin with desired length.

7. Add with glue your Gru logo to the napkin ring strip. Repeat all steps until completed.

That is it! You are Done!


*Napkins, Curling Ribbon were purchased at Dollar Tree. Cardstock was purchased at Michael’s typically at 3/$1 but occasionally $1/5.

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