How to make a Minion Pinata Tutorial

How to Make a Minion Pinata out of cardboard despicable Me

How to make a Minion Pinata Tutorial from Despicable Me

I was seriously trying to talk my son out of a Despicable Me Theme birthday party because I could not think of any ideas for decorations except a million minions!!! However when I finally sat to plan out my party details with my handy Party Planning Printable I was able to come up with many, many Despicable Me Party ideas and can't wait to make them all and show them off!
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What you Need:

- Cardboard box

- Packaging tape

- Bungee

- Yellow, White and Blue Tissue paper

- Black Plastic Tablecloth

All of these items can be found at Dollar Tree for $4 total. The cardboard box you can ask if they have any boxes they are getting rid off. You can find boxes at gas stations. Any medium size box will do.



How to Make:

The Base of a Minion Pinata.

1. Take your cardboard box and cut the side so it will lay flat. Go from one side and roll it into a tight overlapping circle. Unroll and do the same from the other end.

Step 1 Minion Pinata

2. Tape your box at desired width both inside and outside.

step 2 Minion Pinata - despicable Me

3. Secure the bottom by taping it down inside and outside.

Step 3 - Minion Pinata for despicable me

4. Curve the tops of the box and tape into place leaving an area so you can fill it with pinata goodies. I used plastic baggies about halfway added the goodies and then added more plastic bags to the top and help shaped the head area.

Step 4 Minion Pinata - Despicable Me

5. Close off the top by adding the bungee looped thru a piece of cardboard and attached using tape. Make sure to completely secure the loop.

step 5 Minion Pinata

To Decorate the Minion Pinata.

6. Take white tissue paper and cover the entire Pinata and tape it down. This helps allow the yellow to pop out. Otherwise the yellow will look brownish from the cardboard.

Step 6 minion pinata

7. Take the yellow tissue paper and wrap the pinata. I used double sided tape to secure it all down.

Step 7 - minion pinata for despicable me

8. Cut the Blue tissue paper to make it look like a pair of overalls. Include the straps. Secure it on the pinata with tape.

Step 8 minion pinata

9. Cut a black strip from the plastic tablecloth to fit around the head area for the glasses band. Secure with tape. Cut a halfway U shape out of the black plastic table cloth for the mouth and adhere it to the pinata.

steps 9 10 minion pinata

10. Take some cardboard 3/4 in with by 10 -12 inches long and make 2 circles and tape together. These are the goggles. Cover them with grey or silver tissue paper or duck tape.

11. Next cut out 2 cardboard circles that fit just inside your goggles and cover those with white tissue paper.

step 11 minion pinata

12. Cut a slightly smaller set of circles from the cardboard, these can remain brown.

Step 12 13 minion pinata

13. Cut a set of circles from either black cardstock, construction paper of the black plastic tablecloth. These are the eyes.

14. Put your eyes together the white is the base, then brown and then black. Adjust them accordingly to your desired look.

step 14 minion pinata

15. Add the blue pocket to the front of the overalls. Use a piece of cardboard and cut out your pocket shape. I added a few pieces of the plastic table clothe and taped it down. The add the blue over the pocket shape and tape down. Take a blue marker and make your stitches marks, you can also use yellow but it may not show up very well. Adhere the pocket to the pinata. Did you notice mine is upside down!!! I have changed it for the final picture!!!

Step 15 minion pinatat

16. Add buttons to your overalls. You can use real buttons if you have them. I cut out a set of cardboard circles and covered them with black plastic table cloth and secured them with tape to the pinata.

step 16 minion pinata

That is it! You are done!

The total cost for me was FREE having done several theme parties, I already had everything on hand, I save colored tissue paper, plastic table cloths, and any paper to reuse for future parties. The only thing I am constantly buying is packaging tape!!!!

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Topic: How to make a Minion Pinata Tutorial from Despicable Me.



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