Minion Tablecloth Tutorial – Despicable Me Party

Minion Tablecloth tutorial

Minion Tablecloth Tutorial

This is a Great Despicable Me Table Cover and be sure to check out other DIY Minion Birthday Ideas. Do you have any other Minion Decorated Party Tables Ideas. Leave comment below. I love seeing how creative everyone is.

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What you Need:

– 1 of each yellow, blue. black plastic table clothes

– Black Streamer (this is a substitute for the black table clothe)

– tape

– White with silver rim plastic plate (from Dollar Tree wedding section)

– Brown Napkin or cardstock sheet

Minion Tablecloth supplies

All items were purchased at Dollar Tree and Walmart. Total cost was $3


How to Make:

1. First place down the yellow plastic tablecloth on the table and cut if needed.

Minion Tablecloth yellow

2. Place the Blue plastic tablecloth at one end and overlap as desired and cut.

Minion Tablecloth blue and yellow


3. Take a thin strip of blue tablecloth for the overall strap and adhere to the yellow tablecloth with tape.

minion tablecloth overall strap

4. You can either take a strip of black plastic tablecloth or use black streamer add on top of the yellow tablecloth and secure with tape. Cut at desired length.

Minion Tablecloth eye strap

5. Take the white plastic plate with silver rim and place in the middle of the black strip.

6. Cut out a circle from the brown napkin or cardstock.

7. Cut out a circle from a small piece of plastic table clothe or streamer. Use tape to attach them together and in the middle of the plate.

Minion Tablecloth eye

8. Take a strip of black streamer and curve attaching to the table clothe with tape to make a mouth.

minion tablecloth smile

9. Take a strip of streamer and cut in half. Attache with tape to the top of the table at the yellow end making hair. Use a strip of tape on the back of the piece of hair streamer to keep it straight beyond the table.

Minion Tablecloth Hair


Minion Tablecloth hair backing

That’s it! You’re Done!

Minion Tablecloth



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