Minion Toilet Paper Roll Tutorial

This Minion Toilet Paper Roll Tutorial is a great addition forĀ Minion Despicable Me Table Decoration and be sure to check out other DIY Despicable Me Party Decoration Ideas.


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Minion Toilet Paper Roll Tutorial

What you Need:

– Toilet Paper Rolls

– Yellow and Blue Tissue Paper

– Glue Stick

– Black Construction Paper or Cardstock (you can also use black tissue paper)

– Googly eyes or brown, silver and white paper


How to Make:

1. Take your Toilet Paper Roll and add yellow tissue paper to cover the entire roll and glue or tape down.

2. Add blue tissue paper to the lower half making them look like overalls.

3. Cut a 1 cm width strip of black paper and glue to the top portion of the roll for the goggle band.

4. Add your googly eyes or go the extra mile and cut out eyes layered white, brown and then black. Add silver paper glasses for effect.

5. Make sure to use a black marker to add your mouth, be careful not to tear the yellow tissue paper.

6. You can add more to the front of the minion by drawing on the pocket and G symbol.

That’s it. You’re Done!


Topic: Minion Toilet Paper Roll Tutorial

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