Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Dollar Tree


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and lately with the budget problems most families deal with we can still celebrate Mom in a big way on a frugal budget.

These are just gift ideas inspired by products available at Dollar Tree. If you can afford more that’s wonderful but if you need to extremely limit amount spent then here is a list for you.

1. $5 Dollar Tree Gift Card. I know as a mom I would love this.

2. Flowers in a Vase. You can make a great arrangement for the mom in your life and unlike real flowers these can last longer and used for various occasions and places within the home.

3. Candy Arrangement. Get a vase, skewer sticks and mom’s favorite candy and make an arrangement like flowers

4. Betty Crocker Set. Recipe holder and cards, Betty Crocker Spoons, Apron and dish towels makes for a great set for the mom in your life.

5. Coffee Mug. Dollar Tree has some great coffee including K-cups now! get some sugar and a coffee mug and you have a great gift.

6. Tool Kit. If the mom in your life is very handy then she’ll know you cannot have too many tools!

7. Health & Beauty Kits. Lots of FREE makeup when you pair them with coupons

8. Hair Care Basket. Lots of great things from hair bows to brushes to shampoo and stylers.

9. Cleaning Supply Kit. Does the mom in your life like to clean or be organized? It’s amazing all the things you can find to clean and organize with.

10. Mom Stash Kit. Get all your moms favorite goodies and place together for a great gift.


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