The Cat is out of the BAG! Do you know what it is?


The Cat is out of the BAG! Do you know what it is?

So if you haven’t noticed by all the cleaning posts and time away from the blog then you might now something is up!

Well it will be official in about 2 weeks. MSM family will be moving to a new residence. By no means was this planned and was very sudden. To a no fault of our own, literally; we have been asked to move residence and to our best with lots of hard working hours of the hubby while I and the kids have cleaned and packed we are doing our best to move out and find a new dwelling place. Because of the circumstances leading to this move again to No Fault of our own the hubby has put in many hours beyond his normal schedule even during the week our area lost power because of the Torecho every penny in our life right now counts. So yes spending 3 1/2 hrs in the grocery store not only to replace about $200 worth of groceries but to save as much as possible to make this move possible.

We are excited for the new place, it has all that we need a large yard for the kids, we get to keep our dog, plenty of storage and 2 bathrooms which we desperately need because of our little ones that are still learning to use the restroom. The wonderful thing is we get to keep a play room and we have a seperate dining room. My hubby is a sucker for poplar trees and we have a wonderful low laying poplar in the front yard. We have a carport to protect our car plus a separate covered patio for the kids to drive their bikes. A basket ball hooped that needs fixing plus a cement platform that we might just have a tap dance show at! We will be just as close as we are currently to all my favorite saving stores but the best part is we are secluded to have the far away from town feel but we realy aren’t

So as of Aug. 1st my little family will be in a new home however I will be blogging from the Great Apple while the kiddos are with the in-laws and the hubby is working hard to provide for us.

Thanks for being such great fans of Moms Saving Money and soon posts will be back up to their normal postings.

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