Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips

MSM Tip #1 Just because you have a coupon doesn’t mean you need to get the item and use the coupon, unless its free or almost free. Please use discretion when using coupons – they may not always be a great deal.


MSM Tip #2 Know your plan on what you want to accomplish with coupons!

MSM Tip #3 – know the floor plan of your most shopped at store; makes finding your coupons for unexpected deals so much easier

MSM Tip #4 – Always comparison shop even if you have a coupon. What may seem like a good deal at one place may be better at another.

MSM Tip #5 – Most stores offer Store coupons in which case you can combine a Manufacture coupon with a store coupon for a product but be careful stores like Walgreens require you to have the same amount of items as coupons or more this is when we add cheap filler items.

MSM Tip #6- Plan out your Transactions before heading to the store. Some stores only allow 3 transactions per visit.

MSM tip#7-always carry your coupons with you.

MSM Tip #8 – Learn how to roll your Register Rewards, ECBS, or Catalinas to Maximize your savings.

MSM Tip #9 – For real savings print a high price coupon even if you might not use it right away. They go fast and often times you wish you had printed it.

MSM Tip #10 – Always check to see if your store will accept printed coupons or even coupons on your mobile phone.

MSM Tip #11 – Always carry your weekly ads with you to double check the sales and your receipt.

MSM Tip #12 If you a store does not have a product in stock thats on sale be sure to get a raincheck whenever possible. This will extend the sale up to 30 days pending the store. Remember a manager can always refuse to give a raincheck.

MSM Tip #13 – Always let people behind you in the checkout know that you have coupons or multiple transactions. This gives them the opportunity to switch lanes if desired.

MSM Tip #14 –Manufacture Coupon from the Blinkie dispensers can be used at other

MSM Tip #15 – Some Manufacture coupons will display a store logo. This means that
coupon can only be used at that store and cannot be combined with another manufacture
coupon but can be with a store coupon. Some stores will allow those coupons
with another store logo. Double check with the store before trying to use.

MSM #16 – Whatever method you use to organize your coupons to maximize your saving
do it well.

MSM Tip #17- for expecting moms buy diapers now and if your little one grows out of
them before you can use them most stores like Walgreens, Walmart and Target
will allow to exchange them for the size you need as long as they are not open.