My break from the Internet!

My break from the Internet!

I am thankful for my sister who helped post a few things while I was away from the Internet. This was not a planned away trip but we were able to snag a ride with my inlaws to see grandparents. Since they did not have Internet I had to rely on hotspots plus my hubby’s phone so I was not on much. I’m sure you noticed it was a bit different and some store Matchups did not get posted. That’s because I wasn’t able to finish them.

I’m a one person show on my blog so to let someone else run my site for me for a couple of days was a big struggle for me. The best part is I left it in good hands and I was able to take a break and really spend with family. Since there was no Internet there was no late nights which enablement to get a really good night sleep.

Yes the sleep made it worth it! Spend Ing time with the family was even more worth it. But now it’s time to get back in the groove and start helping you all save some money.

Thanks for reading.

Topic: My break from the Internet!

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