My Little Pony Favor Bag

Rebecca Autry

I am a Christian mom that loves to create and save money. Give me cardboard and tape and I will create. Give me coupons and I will show you how to find a great price. I like expressing love to others with cards, decorations and savings. I enjoy having fun and yes I bleed Blue and Orange! Go Broncos!

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10 Responses

  1. Sara K says:

    I always enjoyed Origami. I remember making a frog once.

  2. christina ferris says:

    You are great.thanks for the giveaways

  3. Suzanne Ds says:

    Made a bag out of telrphone directory sheets and paper mache 🙂

  4. susan marciante says:

    I love your webpage. Thanks for the fun!!

  5. gina gribbins says:

    my fondest memories were book reports because i love to read as a child

  6. bridgett mullins says:

    the folded paper fortune tellers, my son calls them cootie catchers now. the ones where you pick a number, then a color. i just loved those as a little girl.

  7. Kristie Heilers says:

    Never have enough notebooks, LOVIN IT!

  8. JAVETA ACKER says:

    i remember making things in headstart with my grandma. i miss her !

  9. emilly davis says:

    I always loved making snow flakes!! We’d tape them to the windows & hang them from the ceiling. Now i do that w/my kids.

  10. Stephanie O says:

    There was a yearly social studies fair and one year I made a replica of the titanic including water made from tooth paste

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