New to You Countertop for $1

new countertop

So how is it possible to make a New to You Countertop for $1?

Simple really! You just need a Dollar Tree! Use contact paper that can be found in the kitchen accessories area of Dollar Tree. This is by no means a long term solution but a great temporary solution especially for those that are renting and are not able to do much with their homes.

My counter is a blue and not a very eye pleasing counter. I had already done that bathroom with the oil finish and it looks great but if you have heaving objects like Body Wash on it, it will create the lines from it. So this is a nice but simple solution and cheaper.

Let’s get to it.

What you Need:

– Scissors

– Measuring Tape

– Contact paper

– Towel or paper towel

– Windex


How to Make:

1. First you need to measure your counter space you want to make new.

2. Then head to your nearest Dollar Tree and select the Contact paper you want to use. Look at the package for the dimensions and determine the amount you will need to cover your counters. I only needed to cover 1 so I only needed 1 roll.

3. Measure out your pieces and cut accordingly. The back of the contact paper has a grid which makes it easier to cut straight lines.

4. Start from the further away corner and slowly pulling the backing off the contact paper while putting it on the counter. Be sure to stop every so often to take out the wrinkles.

5. When using more than one piece to cover the counter be sure to overlap by 1 cm.

6. Make sure to smooth out any air bubbles.

7. Make sure to throw your trash away!

So there you have it a New to you Countertop made simple and easy and just about anyone could do it.

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