Olaf Balloon Tutorial

Olaf Balloon Tutorial

Olaf Balloon Tutorial

Don’t you agree Olaf from Disney Frozen stole the show? I bet the kiddos in your life fell in love with Olaf. Olaf the snowman is all the craze lately and is stealing the hearts of many. Make your Disney Frozen party one of a kind with these simple DIY Frozen decoration ideas including the Olaf Balloon Tutorial below.

You may even want to see how you can make your own Olaf Pinata

Olaf Pinata

What you Need:

– White Balloons

– Black Sharpie

– Orange paper (I used Napkins since it thinner)

– Black Napkin/tissue paper or plastic tablecloth

Olaf Balloon Tutorial supplies

How to Make:

1. First you will need to air your white balloon to desired amount. Make sure to tie off your balloon so your air will not escape!

2. Take your Black Sharpie Marker and draw your eyes, eyebrows.

Olaf Balloon Tutorial eyes

3. Take your black napkin/tissue paper or plastic tablecloth and cut out the desired size of Olaf’s mouth. Make sure to include the indent for the tooth! Glue the back and attach to the balloon, make sure smooth out any edges you see bubble up. Allow to dry.

4. Take your orange napkin and cut a carrot shape and glue the back. Attach to the balloon and smooth out the bubbles. Allow to dry.

Olaf Balloon Tutorial nose

That is it! You are done!

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