Olaf vs. Minions

Olaf vs. Minions


As you may have seen I do party decorations primarily with paper, tape and cardboard. So here is on on Olaf vs. Minions. This past January my son wanted a Despicable Me party, I truly tried on numerous occasions to get him to change his mind. It did not happen! I went off to search for ideas and I found many but my goal is to do parties with a max of $50.

I did just that and made tons of Minions from invites to favor bags to pinata and much more. You can click on the image below and see all of those Minion ideas. Please note the pictures are not the best but the concepts and tutorials are great and easy to follow, hence their popularity!

How to Make a Minion Pinata out of cardboard despicable Me

Now to explain Olaf! As you know Disney Frozen hit theaters at the end of 2013. I will admit I jumped on the bandwagon and started to created different ideas to go along with a Disney Frozen Party. Let say this my daughter her chosen party theme this year is Tangled. She even looks very similar to Rapunzel. I tell you this because I have no intention of throwing a Disney Frozen party this year so you are in luck! You many just be the first person to ask for my Frozen Party decorations and I will pack them up and ship them!

While creating these decorations I first started with the Olaf Pinata. You can see the tutorial below by clicking on the image. Since I had no intention of having a Disney Frozen Party I decided to post on Facebook that I have an Olaf Pinata. It went fast and sent it off two some very lucky little ladies who enjoyed Olaf.

Olaf pinata tutorial

So now to the big announcement that you came here for, Olaf vs. Minions! Over the past weeks and now months my Despicable Me (Minions) have gain momentum and my daily page views for any of those posts demolish all my others. However with the release of Frozen on DVD naturally my Disney Frozen Party Ideas including Olaf Pinata have soared. Now as of today without any promotion on my part the Minions and Olaf are going neck and neck for page views.

Go ahead and try google Olaf pinata or Olaf party ideas, Despicable Me party Ideas, Minion Party Decorations or any variations of those and view the search results that come up or even images. You will see my pictures and posts near the top.

So for the first time in forever my party creations are getting noticed, well not exactly they have been noticed well before mostly credited to Pinterest but I had to add that pun in there.

So if you wouldn’t mind please re-pin the links below. Thanks Are there any party ideas you would like me to make? I am currently working on the LEGO movie.

Olaf Pinata vs. Minion Pinata

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