Organize your Cords with Toilet Paper Rolls

Organize your Cords with Toilet Paper Rolls

Here is an easy way to organize your cords. Are you looking for a frugal tip on how to get those cords organized without paying money for a nifty gadget.  Below is a great way to organize your cords using toilet paper rolls.

What you Need:

– Cords

– Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

– Paper decorations to add to paper roll


How to do it:

1. Simply take your empty Toilet Paper roll and decorate the outside however you would like.

For example you can use Christmas Wrapping paper on ones that you will use designated cords for Christmas such as Christmas lights or extension cords for your Snow Village or for those that are needed for outside lights.

You can use birthday wrapping paper for those you use to plugin bouncies if you have one.

You can designate them however you want or even get decorative wrapping paper like Zebra print. The possibilities are endless!

If you are a duck tape queen like me you can do that too!

2. Fold your cord and stuff them into the paper towel roll.

3. Now they are neatly organized and no longer are you twisting and untying ties! Place in a draw or basket and you are done!


Topic: Organize your Cords with Toilet Paper Rolls

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