Outer Space Theme Party Ideas

Star Backdrop

Outer Space Theme Party Ideas

Table Decorations

Black Star Lanterns – Take 2 sheets of Black Cardstock and cut out stars all over the cardstock. Fold both sheets in half. Tape the ends making into a square lantern shape. Place a flicker candle in the middle. Add silver star garland around as well as the stars you cut out like confetti.

Galactic Starveyor star centerpieces

White, Grey and Black Tablecloth Settings – Take the white tablecloth and cover your table. Take silver or grey and cover at a diagonal. Then take a small square of black tablecloth for the middle. Use silver or gold plates. Add some Star Wars fun and wrap napkins with utencils into light sabers.

Table Stars – Cut out 4 large stars. Fold in half and glue backs to each other making 4 folds to stand on their own. Great added decoration for a food table.

Star String – Cut out tons of stars and string them together with fishing wire and place on front of serving table as a garland.

Floor Decoration

Welcome Stars – Take large piece of cardboard and cut out your design. These are made to stand at an entrance. Cover with black plastic tablecloth then use Duck tape to make Black and Silver Stripes. Cut out big stars for the tops. Easy to make.


Wall Decorations

Welcome Sign – Add to the Outer Space and create it into a Star Wars party Make a Welcome Sign that says Welcome Young Jedi or something similar using Star Wars Font.

Large hanging Stars – Cut out large stars and hang them from ceilings or from walls. Cut out large Stars 1 per page in silver of gold paper double sided is best if one sided glue backs together. Use curling ribbon to add to the them and build excitement. Hang from any walkways. Don’t hang them down too long.

Star Backdrop – Something large, simple and easy to make. Take Black plastic Tablecloths and hang on the walls all around the party area. Cut out tons of silver and gold stars and tape all over the black tablecloth area.

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