Paper Princess Tiara Tutorial

paper princess tiara's tutorial

Paper Princess Tiara Tutorial

Give your guests a wonderful princess tiara that is simple to make and fun. Great Tiara for a Princess and the Frog Party.

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What you Need:

– Purple Cardstock or any other color you desire

– Silver Glitter glue

– Foam Stickers

– Pipe Cleaners

– Tape


How to Make:

1. Take your Cardstock and cut out the Tiara shape you desire. You can download the PDF image or SVG File available here for automatic download – Princess Tiana Tiara Zip Format. You will receive a Compressed Zip file that you will need to unzip in order to use the SVG, PNG and PDF files. These can be used on a cutting machine to make it easier for you to do multiple.

2. Take the glitter glue and follow the tops of the tiara.

3. Add foam stickers and glitter glue as desired.

4. Punch holes on each end of the Princess Tiana’s Tiara and snake thru with the pipe cleaner on each end. Folding inward by 1/2 inch. Cover with tape so the metal area is not exposed and helps keep from poking and any potential cuts.


You did it! You are Done!

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