Parent/ Teacher Conferences. Do they help?

Parent/ Teacher Conferences. Do they help?

So here within the hour the hubby and I will be meeting with our oldest son’s 1st grade teacher. He has delays but is falling behind in his class. We are merely going into discuss and describe a clearer picture of his delays and needs than what is written on his IEP (Independent Educational Plan).

Im a little frightened. No parent wants to be told their child isn’t learning at the speed of the rest of the kids in their class. This time its different. We know he has auditory delays with receptive language. To sum that up it takes him extra long to understand directions and being able to follow through with those directions.

Yes he has problems writing letters and numbers backwards and he is left handed which doesn’t help the situation.

I know he will get the care and assistance he needs. I know the meeting will go well. Therefore in my own opinion I think parent/teacher conferences do help.

The alternative could have been that the teacher did not reach out to the hubby and I and let him continue to get C’s and D’s on papers beause he isnt being given the extra time and simplified directions that he needs.

Just to give some more background. I my son is a very young 1st grader not only a boy but his birth date was the cut off day so he will not be sent back to K he knows that stuff but he may struggle horribly this year we will see.

Thanks for reading and I apologize for my frustration and stress. My kids mean alot to me and I don’t want them to struggle like I did and I just want the best they can have.

Topic: Parent/ Teacher Conferences. Do they help?

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