Paying for the Wrong Meter! What’s Next?


Ok here is one of the times I will be brutally honest with you all. We are in a financial hardship right now. I’m not going to sugar coat it or anything. I know many of you are struggling just as much as us.

A couple months ago my husband’s job changed making earnings way less than what we were getting. I’m not talking about Obama’s new taxes or anything to that end. Circumstances just changed. We have been filling out applications, going to interviews and I thought I had a job but it did not pan out as what we needed nor did it work out.

The plus side is my hubby has gotten more hours, I’m making a bit more blogging and we do get to spend more time as a family.

So with a financial hardship comes bills and trying to juggle everything is very crazy. When there is no money there is no money.

So why is this entitled Paying for the Wrong Meter? Because we had a electric issue and thought that it has been resolved. If you saw my post back in December on facebook I had asked what the cause for use of 12K KWH in 5 days. Well we have 2 units and it had nothing to do with the well water we just needed Freon and both units were running on auxillary which we did not know that at the time.

I had made the initial call the power company to see what arrangements we could make on our bill since we could not pay it in full. With the work of getting the rental group to fix our problem of Freon and AEP we made arrangements and thought the whole situation was fixed. Now we did know that on the new bill we would see the extreme high usage because of the problem so when I looked at our bill this morning yes it was high but not nearly as high as we thought. So looked closer.

The usage should have been 12K plus the just about 2K we used in those 31 days between Meter readings but here is where I found the incorrect information.

The meter on our bill said 47036 as read on Jan. 4th Today Jan. 6th it read 57527. No we didn’t use 10K in 2 days. When I read the meter on Dec. 8th our reader said 55587.

So you see from Dec. 8th to Jan. 6th we used 1,960 KWH according to the meter on our house that we have pictures of.

So I called our power company to once again see what re-arrangements we can make and to ask about the Meter.

They had me go outside and read off the Meter Id # and guess what we found. The one they are reading is not the Meter we have connected to the house. So they asked us if we are in a apartment complex or have another home connected to ours which we don’t. So the long short of the story is they are sending a technician to take a picture of the Meter connected to our home and trying to locate the Meter that they have been reading for our home.

So as for arrangements right now they have locked our account until they can locate the misreading and credit us on our actual reading. Thankfully the Meter we do have they have the meter reading each month from when we moved in so the representative said there is a definite credit to be issued to our account.

So I am very thankful that I do not need to make a payment until its resolved because we certainly do not have any to pay right now.

They told us it will take 2-4 weeks before they can resolve the issue. so yeah now we wait but atleast that’s on thing I don’t need to worry about for a few weeks.

Sorry to vent but this season of our lives seem very scary to me. I know we will get passed it.


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  1. Thankfully you check your bill closely. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve lived here for 5 years and have never checked any of that. Just blindly paid the bills that came. I will be checking things a bit closer when the bills come in.. Let us know what they figure out.

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