Peeing in Public

Yes Peeing in Public.

My daughter is fully potty trained now and has been for a few months now but lately she’s had some accidents and today took the cake! Before Awanas we take them to CiCi’s Pizza because we can all eat fairly cheap and there is a little bit for everyone and its fast which is good because we typically are always late to everything!

Well we barely all sat down said our prayer for our meal and she stood up to move seats and at that moment I realized why!!!

Yup she peed in public and was very calm about it! I was embarrassed and rushed her out to go get a change of clothes from the car which there was none! Luckily I was gone and back in 15 mins with her all cleaned up. So I did really get to eat much, its ok I don’t need to be eating unhealthy!

So yes I was embarrassed but I bet my hubby was more because he was the one who dealt with telling the staff of the happenings and having them clean it up! My boys are loud and I’m sure they may have made a scene with their comments but I don’t know that I was gone to clean up my little princess.

So have you had some moments like this? Share below and help me not feel alone!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. MageeMommy

    Oh, you are SO not alone!!! 🙂 My little guy had just been potty trained and we took a trip to the pet store for fun. The parking spot right in front of the double door entrance was empty when my little boy said he needed potty. As he ran, I chased him and he pushed the door wide open, dropped his drawers and peepee’d right there with the cashier giggling and the mom with a little girl hiding her eyes! LOL It was so cute and innocent though so how could I be upset.

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