Are you in a Pickle?

Are you in a pickle? Do you have insurance?

As I’m laughing I couldn’t help myself but just a moment ago actually 2 hrs ago my hubby called to say he was on his way home early but the bad news is he is stock in a ditch! It’s snowing so they let him go home early. Sometimes we forget about insurance.

Yup he was in a pickle! On October 31st we were in an accident and out of our married life that was the first time we ever had to deal with our insurance.

Our Van was totaled but thankful our insurance paid for the loan and we had left over to put towards a new to us car.

I’m thankful with little to no income coming in we had a car we own but still kept the full coverage on it because just in case we got in another accident it would be taken car of.

So back to my hubby being in a pickle! We tried to think who could we call to help us out. Friends of ours who have a vehicle that could help don’t drive well in snow and they live on hills and not to mention my sister lives the town over so no point to calling them.

Long story short we forget that we have full coverage insurance that includes road side assistance up to $75.

They get paid by the hour so we pay the cost after the first hour from our pockets. So we hope it won’t take longer than an hour to get my hubby out of the ditch and on the road again.

I’m writing this post because sometimes your insurance policy is hard to understand so I didn’t know if towing was included. I thought it should be since that would be a reason why we would want to have it!

Well it did up to $75 so I am thankful. I have to say we have never used our insurance for anything until October 31st of 2012 and now here is our second time. I’m glad we have it because we would be in a pickle!

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