Pixar Inside Out Party Ideas

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Pixar Inside Out Party Ideas

Let’s face it we all have joy, fear, disgust, sadness and anger everyday. So why not have a fabulous colorful Disney Pixar Inside Out theme party. Inside my mind, a movie about me!


Pixar Inside Out Invitations

inside out invitations

Pixar Inside Out Partyware

Inside out partyware

Photo Credit – PartyCity.com

Plates and Napkins – Let’s go wild! Pick bright colors in blue, red, purple, yellow and green. Get plates and napkins and mix and match. Have fun!

Disney Frozen plates

Pixar Inside Out Wall Decorations

Balloon wall of memories – Air up tons of bright colored balloons and tape to the wall to recreate the Wall or Memories for the Movie Inside Out.


Photo Credit – Catchmyparty.com

Pixar Inside Out Party Printables

Inside out Party Decorations
Inside out Party Decorations


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PixarInside Out Food Ideas

Kelloggs came out with Disney Inside Out fruit snacks. Great to have as a favor or to be added into the mix of goodies of your Inside Out Pinata.

kellogg inside out


Inside Out Cupcakes – Get this fun multi-color cake mix from walmart.


Photo Credit: Fortheloveofpixar.com

Pixar Inside Out Party Favors

Inside Out Fear Playdoh



Inside Out Favor Bags

Inside Out Favor Bags

Photo Credit: Sweet Creations by Su

These are handcrafted Inside Out Favor Bags that can be purchased for $2.50 each

Joy Bags – Not sure what they are called but I like the bag Joy holds in her hands near the wall of memories. So we made them into our favor bags. Take purple paper bags that can be found at Dollar Tree for 10ct. Cut out candy shapes and glue on the favor bags.

Angry Bags – Take red paper favor bags from Dollar Tree. These are probably my favorite ones and so easy to make!

Fear – Take purple paper favor bags from Dollar Tree

Disgust – Take green paper favor bags from Dollar Tree

Sadness Bags – Take blue paper favor bags from Dollar Tree

Pixar Inside Out Pinata

inside out pinata


Photo Credit – Worldofpinata.com

I decided on Anger because I thought it to be fitting of relieving stress! Since you hit the pinata and hitting is a form of relieving stress I thought this was great beside Fear would be to long and thin not much to be able to hit!


Pixar Inside Out Thank You Cards

I decided the being Thankful for guests to come and enjoy the celebration of a party that Joy would be the best to make into a Thank You card.

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