Podcast 12 – Avengers Party Ideas

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Podcast 12 – Avengers Party Ideas

Avengers Party Ideas

Punch Recipe

Party Planning Checklist

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  1. vickie nelson

    Our paper has not been getting smartsource inserts. Are you saying that if I buy the same paper in a different location it may have all inserts? This has been driving me crazy trying to figure out how to get all the inserts!!

    1. Moms

      Yes atleast in my area but when I was in DC and talking to some women from all over the northeast all said the same thing so you might want to look around your area and even ask around.

  2. Laura Katzenbach

    I live in Central Califonria and our coupons are not the same as the coupons in the larger cities. I buy @ome of our local paper and also buy some of the LA Times paper (largest city in my area). It always has alot more and much better coupons than our local Fresno Bee! I do buy both papers though because there are differences in the coupons. Hope this helps!

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