Pokemon Birthday Decoration Ideas

Pokemon Party Ideas

Pokemon Birthday Decoration Ideas

Pokemon Go is all the craze however if you go to Walmart you will not find any party decorations. Have no fear. Below are some great inexpensive alternative ideas to help spruce up your theme party for the Pokemon Go player. You will want to come back to get ideas as you plan your Pokemon Celebration.

Pokemon Invitations

Pokemon Ball Invitation

You can download for purchase the Pokemon Ball SVG, PDF, PNG files.

. You will need red, black and white card stock or construction paper.

You can also go with this Pokemon Go Invitation we created for my sons birthday

Pokemon Go Invitation

Pokemon Wall Decorations

Pokemon Gotta Catch em all banner

You can print our the words (Gotta catch ’em all!) in a pdf format from searching on google free printable.

Poke Stop Wall Decoration

Pokemon Stop Wall Decoration

Take light blue construction paper or printing paper and cut out half circles. I printed out a poke stop outline and then made it into a transparency and used a thing to increase the size. I then placed the papers on the wall and traced the shaped and then cut them out. I then used painters tape to attach the shapes to the wall to make the life size poke stop in my living room as well as my kitchen to go along with the Pokémon theme.

Poke Ball Wall Decoration

Pokemon Ball Wall Decorations

I used a hanger, pencil, red and white butcher paper. Draw the circle by using the hanger, Center it in the middle of your paper. With a finger in one end of the bottom triangle and the pencil on the other end of the bottom triangle draw in a circle all the way around until complete. Take your scissors and cut both circles out. You can then fold each circle in half and cut on the folded line. This will make two poke balls. I used black streamer for the middle. I used painters tape to attach them to my walls so they don’t mess up the paint. I used a white paper plate for the middle poke ball button.

Pokemon Table Decorations


Pokemon Food Ideas

Pokemon Food Ideas

Pokemon Drinks

Pokemon Drink

Pokemon Favors

Pokemon Favor Bags

Use the paper favor bags from Dollar Tree. They come in a 10pk for $1. I used yellow, red and blue paper favor bags. I measured the bags for the bottom half and used white copy paper. Glue the paper to the bottom half. I then used black copy paper (you can also use construction paper) to cut circles for the poke button on the balls. I used white for the middle, glued the pieces together and then glued onto the bags. On the yellow paper bags I added a black strip up the middle. On the blue bags I used red paper to make the side stripes.

Pokemon Training Certificate

Pokemon Trainer certificate template

Pokémon Trainer Certificates make a great favor your guests can take home. Personalize them by printing their names on them and have them ready when your guests arrive. Have a little award ceremony and your guests will feel just as special as your birthday child.

Pokemon Plastic Balls

These simple to make poke balls are made from ping pong balls. You can get a pack of 12 from Dollar Tree. All you need is red and blue dry erase markers. Black permanent maker. The dry erase markers dry quicker and don’t rub off easily. You will first want to draw your front circle of the poke ball and then color in with red or blue on one half of the ball. Then using the black permanent marker outline half the poke ball. For the great ball take your red after the blue is completely dry and add the red stripes.

Pokemon Great Ball Pinata

Pokemon Great Ball Pinata


Pokemon Ball Toss Pinata

Pokemon Ball Toss Pinata

Pokemon Ball Birthday Cake

Pokemon Poke Ball Cake

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