Pokemon Go Bible Lesson

Pokemon Go Bible Lesson

First let me say if you are here to hear that I do not agree with Pokemon Go then this is not the place for you. Please keep your negative comments to yourself. Look at Pokemon Go as a ministry opportunity. Yes there is hypnotizing, reading minds, eating dreams, draining energy and so on. Use this to teach your children about these and what the Bible says.

Teach your children the truth. Help them to understand right and wrong and what is real. Help them understand this in only a game. Proverbs 22:6 “Train up your child in the way they should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” Yes please teach your kids the Bible and help them understand what it says about these things. Help them understand that the game is make believe as much as Mickey Mouse or the Tooth Ferry, but also teach them the truth about sorcery, and other magic, the Bible mentions these. This is similar to Harry Potter. Please help your children understand that this is made up. Take this as an opportunity ┬áto really minister to your children to understand God’s Word.

The idea is for you to keep your pokemon with you at all times to be ready. Use this to teach kids that you need to keep God’s Word with you at all times to be ready, ready to share the gospel but also ready to make the right decisions and know how to use it.

Given that most of the churches are Pokestops or Gyms use this to your advantage. Great way to minister to your community.

In the game you can use a Lure. Use social media to announce a lure. People will flock, have trained people their to share the gospel, offer a cup of water (They might be parched from all the walking they have done!). Realize that the majority of those you encountered probably played Pokemon on Game Boys so they understand this is not real. Is this as an opportunity you really want to miss? People are coming to you.

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