Popcorn Favor Bags from Dollar Tree

These Popcorn favor bags were found at Dollar Tree near the food area hanging  mid-isle on the plastic hangers. They come in a 10 pack for $1. I used them as shown below for a Shopkins birthday party. These popcorn bags can be used also for a circus theme party. I filled them with popcorn but you can fill them with other goodies. Another great use would be for a Movie Night party.

Popcorn Favor Bags

Shopkins Dollar Tree Popcorn Favor Bags

You can also find the hard plastic Popcorn containers large 1 for $1 and 2 ct medium for $1 also at Dollar Tree. These are found in the container isle at Dollar Tree. Please be aware that products vary at Dollar Tree.

You can see Popcorn containers at Dollar Tree online.

You can also purchase 100 ct for less than $7 on Amazon.

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