Popcorn Wall Decoration Tutorial

Pop, pop! Do you smell the butter as the popcorn is popping. Get your concession stand ready and decorated for Life’s Big Game with this Popcorn Wall Decoration for VBS Game On 2018.

Popcorn wall decoration

Popcorn Wall Decoration

What you Need:

  • Painters Tape
  • Scissors
  • White and Red Plastic Tablecloth
  • Yellow and White Tissue Paper


How to Make:

  1. Take your white plastic tablecloth and cut to size as desired for your popcorn.Popcorn Wall Decoration first step
  2. Using Painters tape, tape to the wall.
  3. Take the red plastic tablecloth and cut strip in width and length as desired to fit the popcorn bag.
  4. Using painters tape, tape the red strips to the white backdrop starting from one side all the way to the other.Popcorn Wall Decoration middle step
  5. Take various shades of white and yellow tissue paper. I cut each sheet in half, then crumpled it and used painters tape in a roll to adhere the tissue paper to the wall.
  6. Make sure to mix up the yellows and white so they are not all clumped by the same shade.Popcorn Wall Decoration
  7. Print out the Popcorn Sign Printable and tape to the center of the popcorn bag.

That is it! You are done.

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