Potty Training Always an Adventure!

Potty Training Always an Adventure!

Yes both my boys were not fully potty-trained until they literally turned 4 yrs old but we know now that because of delays in their speech it trickled down to other fine motor skills and other items including potty training.

So not to our current adventure. My little princess is 3 and she was doing wonderful all summer but once school started and our lives got crazy from moving to everything else she decided to revert back.

So now we are back into trying to potty train her again and here is our handy dandy trick we have learned with her, the past couple of weeks she has been big on saying who is a boy and who is a girl. You are going to laugh but we told her that if she has an accident then she has to wear boy underwear! She has had 2 accidents in the past 3 days and yes we did put her in boys underwear and she has not had an accident.

So please, please share your potty training stories in the comments. I always enjoy reading the triumphs or trials you have gone thru while potty training.

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