Power Rangers Samurai Cake

Yummy Cake! Do you need an easy to make cake for you Power Rangers Samurai party? This one is pretty simple but I cannot take credit for it. Fortunately my sister came to the rescue and made this cake. She did a great job, take a look at the steps below on how she make this Power Rangers Samurai cake.


Power Rangers Samurai Cake

What you Need:

– Cake Mix and ingredients needed for the cake mix

– Frosting

– Red Food coloring

– Flour

– Marshmallow

– Water

– Confection Sugar


How to Make:

1. Bake you cake as directed on the box. This one was baked in two round pans.

2. Once the cake is baked. Remove and place in freezer for an hour to make it easier to work with.

3. Take your frosting andseparate a little for the black and white outlines in a separate bowls.

4. Make Homemade fondant and add red food coloring for the main base of the cake. For instructions on how to make Marshmallow Fondant visit the Marshmallow Fondant Tutorial.

5. Add your Homemade Fondant onto the cake and smooth it out.

6. Now you are ready for the decorations. Add the black and White outlines for the Power Rangers Samurai.

That’s it! You are Done!

Power Rangers Samurai Cake


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