Power Rangers Samurai Theme Party

Power Rangers Samurai Party Ideas

Power Rangers Samurai Theme Party

Well I hoped to be further than I am right now but here is some good news. I mentioned I was doing this on little to no budget because of recent circumstances leaving us in a financial hardship right now. I do appreciate many of you whom offered to send things but its not necessary. My kids know our situation and know we don’t have the money to do much but I know they like the decorations more than anything and just the fun we have at parties.

More good news we were able to make our bills well with arrangements and got a bit of $$ we weren’t expecting that allowed me to by my soon to be 5 yr old some pants that he desperately needed. I was able to pick up some more blue streamers for $.25 and some Power Ranger Napkins from Big Lots. I did pick up some Scotch packaging tape for $1.25 to put up more decorations.

So yes I have now spent $2 towards this party.

I still need to finish the pinata, some thank you cards and start putting up the decorations.

I found some great ideas for some more decorations but those are surprises for the party so you will see pictures later!!!

Today I got to spend some time over a meal with a friend who gave me some ideas and just encouraged me. She fed my daughter cereal too! But now its the evening and as soon as the kiddos finish homework, eat dinner and get the wiggles out, I will be hard core decorating!

Thanks for reading.

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