Power Rangers Samurai Party Ideas

Need Power Ranger Samurai party ideas? Below you will find some relatively easy DIY Power Ranger Samurai Prarty Ideas. My daughter wants to be a Power Ranger in real life! We did create a Halloween costume one year as the Pink Ranger. My children can re-watch the original series over and over again, they do like all the others but their favorite is the original.

Power Rangers Samurai Party Ideas

Power Rangers Samurai Party Ideas

I grew up on watching the Power Rangers as a kid/teen and I thought for sure by the time I had kids that they would be long forgotten but I was wrong. Power Rangers increased to having spin off shows from Samurai to Mega force and many more.


Power Rangers Samurai Invitations

Power Rangers Samurai Blue Thank You card

Power Rangers Samurai Invitations – Build excitement for a power Ranger Samurai Party with these invitations. Check out the Power Rangers Samurai Invitation Tutorial.

Samurai Cake

Power Rangers Samurai Cake

Red Samurai Cake – Check out the awesome Power Rangers Samurai Cake Tutorial. I cannot take credit for this cake. My sister is the creative one behind this wonderful cake. She even made the frosting my hand. I have sinced learned how to make fondant!

Power Ranger Samurai Favor Bags

power ranger samurai favor bags

These favor bags can be found at Wal-mart for $.33 each or you can get 10pk for $1 at Dollar Tree. All these colors are available at Dollar Tree. You may need to visit a couple to find each of the colors. You can use the same cut out for the masks and decrease the size of the SVG to fit on the bags. You can purchase the Power Rangers Samurai Mask SVG Files here.

Power Rangers Samurai Food Ideas

Below are some of the food ideas we had at our Power Rangers Samurai Theme Party. These can be used for any party and are quick finger foods that are inexpensive and take little time to prepare.

Ham Rolls


I promise this punch is not spike but you would think it is by the way it tastes. It is filled with tons of sugar. Check out the Birthday Punch Recipe.










Power Rangers Samurai Masks

power rangers masks

Take a look at the Power Rangers Samurai Mask Tutorial.

Power Rangers Samurai Pinata

Red Power Ranger Samurai PiñataMake your own Power Rangers Samurai Pinata with this Step by Step picture Tutorial.

Topic: Power Rangers Samurai Party Ideas

Power Rangers Samurai Party Ideas