My First Major Pre-Order at Kroger

Well I just completed my first pre-order at Kroger

I have 3 items I need a large amount of. If I told you what they were then I would have no chance of getting any!

I say that because in my area we have shelf clearers and I do not want to chance having let these coupons expire.

The items I hope to get are to donate because they are FREE and others my sister use tons of!

So here is how my Pre-Order went. I first called on Sunday and they told me to call back on Monday that they take orders Monday- Friday.

I am so excited because I can’t type fast enough. Well I called back first thing Monday morning and because all the items were in different departments I had to be sent back to customer service to be transferred to the next department.

Each department was very nice to work with. I gave them my name and number to be reached and how many items of that product I needed. They even gave me the information when the truck comes in and when they take flats to the floor and asked if I would liked to be called when they pull my order out.

Of course I said YES I want to be called and they even offered to pull the products to the front for me and set the to the side so I was so excited.

Here is a tid bit I told them on one of the items that many people will be coming for these so I gave them the number I need personally and suggested they order more for others who probably will not pre-order, The guy did laugh but he said he understood and assured me he was ordering several times more than what I need.

So there you have it. It was a pretty pleasant phone call and only took about 10 mins. for 3 departments.

Have you ever pre-ordered before? I have called before for a few particular items but this is the first major one I did.


  1. Julie

    How are you able to pre-order when they have a limit on the number of like coupons? Are you able to do separate transactions? I’m just curious, I’m in Richmond VA and there are lots of shelf clearers, I go to 3 Krogers and can’t even get 5 of the item I want.

    1. Yes I can only do 4 like coupons at once but I have two different type of coupons for one of those items. Also what I ordered was not just for me it is also for others who will be there to do their own transactions.

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