Princess Peach Cardboard Castle Tutorial

Princess Peach Castle 4

Princess Peach Cardboard Castle Tutorial

More specifically How to Make a Princess Peach Castle from Super Mario out of Cardboard Boxes.

My son’s birthday is coming up and he wanted the Super Mario theme.

Since this is most likely the last of the the Themed parties because he is getting older and not as cool I decided to go out with a HUGE Bang on his party.

Last year we did a Pirate Theme, you can see what we did! Everyone had a blast so now I need to top it!


What you Need:

– 2 Wardrobe Boxes

– Fishing Wire

– Duct Tape

– White Material or even a grey plastic table cloth, blue table cloth

– Red, cream and yellow Cardstock

– Black Marker

– Packaging Tape


How to Make:

1. First you need to cut your Wardrobe box to shape. I eye balled my castle by photos I googled for Princess Peach Castle.

Princess Peach Castle

2. Next cover your castle with either grey or white table cloth/material. Use tape to secure it.

Princess Peach Castle 2

3. Use Duck tape and cut into strips to make the brick affect.

4. Use red plastic tablecloth to cover for the roof and black marker for the bricks.

5. Tape well and secure!

6. I attached mine to the corner of our front door using fishing wire. What a fun big decoration we had.

Princess Peach Castle 3

7. Use blue plastic tablecloth for the sky.

That is it! You are done!


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