Princess Tiana Theme Birthday Party for $50

Princess Tiana Theme Birthday Party

So once again I have done a theme birthday party for less than $50

Heres how:

Princess Tiana Party

Food included fruit; strawberries 2/$4, pineapples 2/$5, kiwi 9/$2.70, grapes$2.99, blueberries $1.50

Total: $15.40

Veggies; Veg trays on managers special for $6.49 but rang up as $3(2)

Princess and the Frog Cake

4 boxes of cake mix for Frog cake $2

Ice cream $4/2

Gumbo FREE from my stockpile and everything used was FREE or purchased using Catalina’s from Kroger.

M&Ms $2

Cups, plates,napkins: $7

Total so far: $29.50


Pinata $.66 made it myself

Tiaras and crowns FREE I had everything from previous projects

Leaves and streamers FREE used paper and streamers I’ve had from other birthdays

Balloons $1.35 for 3 packs gotta loves sales

Table clothe $1

Loot bags $.67 from Target clearance

Madri gra beads $3 12 from Dollar Tree

Centerpieces my sister made $2.75 for the 6

Birthday gift $1.25 from Walmart Christmas clearance

Candle $1

Candies for piƱata all FREE thanks to coupons and sales

Loot bag items $3

Total so far $50.40


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