Promoting Game On VBS Strategies

Have you always attended Vacation Bible School or helped out? Did you grow up in the church or did you get invited? More people than not were invited to church than those who were brought up in the church. I tell you this because somewhere along the line in your life you learned about VBS. Some sort of advertisement or promotion introduced you to VBS. These promoting Game On VBS Strategies will help your group build awareness in your church and in the community.

Just a note: I am in no way affiliated with Lifeway. Ideas presented below and in the eBook as well as printables are created by me and are inspired by the 2018 VBS theme.

Promoting Game On VBS Strategies

  • Church Strategies
  • Community Strategies
  • Social Media Strategies

Before we go into the strategies I wanted to point out how it’s never to early to start. As of February 11, 2018; this church already has their date and theme picked out and I took this lovely picture from a door in the church hallway. That is 5 yes 5 months before start date!

Game On VBS Advertisement July date

Church Strategies

  • Get Visual with Posters in the hallways, bulletin boards and any other high traffic areas.
  • Bulletin Inserts – Create Volunteers Needed as well as Registration Inserts
  • Promotional Skits – great to have youth perform these leading up to the week of VBS.
  • Email Blasts – Get permission from the Pastor so send out an email blast to the church body.
  • Promotional Videos – Create your own or use the ones from the Lifeway Starter Kit.
  • Sunday School Class Announcements.
  • Pastor Announcement during Worship Service.
  • Sign-up Table after Worship service to gather names of those interested.

Community Strategies

  • Flyers – Give to your children’s ministry to hand out to friends and family. Hang them in local businesses as permitted.
  • Newspaper Ad – Some newspapers do a church summer activities spread.
  • Promotional Banner – Display a large Game On Banner outside the church near the road.
  • Brochures – Create these with VBS info and other children’s activities and setup a table at community events or grocery stores if permitted.
  • Door Hangers – Take your Children’s Ministry Team, VBS Prayer Team and other volunteers from your church and hang door hangers with your VBS information.

Social Media Strategies

  • Facebook – Creating a VBS Facebook Group is one way you can promote your VBS event as well as get information out to your volunteers.
  • Pinterest – I am learning many churches now have a designated Pinterest account. Most of those that I have seen are decoration ideas for their different events while others have pictures of their events.
  • Instagram – I’ve seen a few churches who have an Instagram account for their church and share picture of events as they are happening.
  • Facebook Live – have you ever used Facebook Live to do a 360 of an event? A great way to show off our decorating team as they prepare decorations or even for the first day of VBS – It might attract other parents to bring their children on the second day!
  • Google + – Although this may not get the audience directly you are targeting but what does happen is it gets your event in the Google algorithm so if you want to be seen when people Google “VBS June, Virginia” you will most likely come up on the first couple of pages, I know from experience with this!

If you are a VBS Director or part of a team planning out VBS you may be interested to read about “Getting Started”

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