Pumpkin Carrot & Apple Tray

Pumpkin Carrot & Apple Tray

Pumpkin Carrot & Apple Tray

Great Fun Snack for after school. My kids absolutely love apples and carrots. I would have used olives to make it prettier, but that’s just impractical considering my kids will not eat olives so I used apples instead.


What you Need:

– Plate

– 1 Apple – cut into 16 slices. The thinner the better and less messy (at least for my kids! yes they are messy with apples)

– 1 lb bag of petite/mini carrots


How to Make:

1. Simply spread out the carrots to make a circular shape. Using a round plate helps!

2. But your apple in half and each half in half and so on until you have 16 pieces.

3. Add your apples on top of the carrots. I used 3 for each eye and 3 for the mouth.

4. I gave each kid a plate with the remaining apple wedges along with carmel to dip and ranch for their carrots.

That’s it. Very simple and easy and my kids loved it. They like it when I go the extra mile to make food fun.

Go on try it! I bet if your kids don’t eat veggies they might if you make it fun!


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