Quick Organizing Tip from a Fan!

Quick Organizing Tip from a Fan!


For small items that typically get left around the house, on tables, on counters, etc, I have small baskets to keep them from looking messy and falling all over the place.  In fact, I keep baskets of items on top of my cabinets, in drawers and in cabinets.

So if I need spices, I go and pull the basket out of my cabinet and there it is.  I have them organized by spices for cooking meals, like garlic, onion, etc and stuff for baking.  My vitamins and medications are also kept in baskets, so that I can go to the cabinet and find what I need without having to dig through a bunch of unorganized items to find advil. Tupperware lids are in baskets so that they don’t make a mess of the cabinet/drawer that they are in.

I find the inexpensive baskets at either the dollar store or in the dollar bins at various stores and get various sizes for different items.

Thanks for the organization tip Veronica S.

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Topic: Quick Organizing Tip from a Fan!

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